Tantra - Goddess Essence: 
Women’s Training for the New Dawn

 Intuition and Female Spirituality

Module 3 + 4

Château Voderady, Slovakia 3.10. - 8.10.2023, Teachers: Amrita and Tanmaya

What is your Soul puropse? 

Wondering where to be headed next?

  • Feeling called to discover or strenghten your gifts, talents and Soul calling?
  • You know there is more inside you, but don't really know how to unlock your full potential?
  • Are you blocked by fears, insecurities or doubts?
  • Do you want to have the strength and power to create your life according to your desires?
  • Do you need a radical change, but don't know where to start?
  • You don't know how to make the right decisions aligned to your Soul?
  • Would you like to activate and expand your intuition and healing abilities?
  • Do you wish to unleash more of your feminine essence?
  • Are you searching for high quality women's retreats?

Imagine, how it would be to:

  • Re-connect with your inner wisdom and easily get the right answers to your life questions.
  • See your life from a bigger perspective knowing what is your next step.
  • Have clarity in who you are and where you are headed.
  • Feel inspired and have the power to create.
  • Be able to manifest all that you desire.
  • Live in harmony with your Soul and All that is.
  • Be deeply connected with the Source and intuitively know how to walk in alignment with your Soul calling.
  • Know how to easily connect to the Universal healing energy to help yourself and others.
  • Feel contentment and gratefulness for your life.

Intuition and psychic
abilities are not just for a few chosen ones. 

They are an important compass on our life path.

„I don't think I need to visit any fortune tellers, so called healers or therapist and people who know how I should live or what should I do. I have found all the answers inside myself. Deeply hidden in my Soul. I know best what is good for me and how I should or want to live 😇. And what is important is that now I have the courage for that... My intuition is back and even stronger than before.“
„I have inside myself an exquisite feeling of godliness, wholeness, groundedness, oneness and femininity. I feel absolutely present, I feel a oneness with everything and in everything. I am a Goddess who has the gift of healing the Earth, the Goddess who knows. It connected me with myself, with nature, the world, the Soul of the Earth and with the core of being.“

Connect with your inner wisdom
and get the strength and courage
to live your unique life path.

2 workshops in one:

Intuition and Female Spirituality
6th + 7th Chakra

This workshop will help you to:

  • Activate your 5 psychic senses to percieve what is beyond the physical reality.
  • Discover your ability to gain information by channelling objects, your own body, nature, food and tarot cards.
  • Dive into the sensation of subtle energies.
  • Experience deep connection to yourself, nature, animals, people and the universe.
  • Step onto the path of your Soul and touch your true nature.
  • Take your life firmly into your own hands, let go of the victim role and learn how to create Heaven on Earth.
  • Free yourself from limits of the past and the future, so you can fully embrace the present moment.
  • Awaken your inner strength and natural self-confidence.
cakra 6

You will learn:

  • Strong psychic and healing techniques which you can use in your daily life.
  • Discovering your femininity as a Healer and a Priestess.
  • Learn how to work with your dreams and discover what are they trying to tell you.
  • Find out how natural it is for a woman to be intuitive and clairvoyant.
  • Connect with your body to find out what messages it has for you.
  • Allow your Soul to lead you.
  • Learn how to embody and accept all that you are.
„This workshop opened my eyes, my soul and showed me the pathway to walk on. It changed my distrust and disbelief in intuition, instinct - it opened old-new doors. Remembering the known from the ancient past (my lives)."
Inka participant
"I feel fully fulfilled and nourished. I feel peace, calmness, gratefulness, closeness on all levels. I feel that just by attending this workshop I have become a beautiful and love filled Goddess :). Yet at the same time I feel the desire to work on my-self further."

Experience ancient meditations

lotus 3a4

Content of the workshop

Forget boring mental techniques. On the workshop we move together into a deep transformational process. You can look forward to a high top quality program.

  • reading energy body
  • connecting to your guides
  • connection to the nature
  • shamanic techniques
  • healing of the witch wound
  • Osho meditations
  • sacred rituals
  • reading and healing of dreams
  • sharings
  • massages
  • channelling
  • Goddess Temple
  • 7 iniciations of a priestess
  • 2x ecstatic parties
  • healing techniques
  • sacred geometry
  • intuitive dance
  • ancient meditations
  • breathing techniques
  • practices to activate your chakras and unlock your body energy
  • living Heart Yantra 

These meditations were channeled by the enlightened Tantra master Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.

The whole transformational process is safe, beautiful and fun. Through this training you will have a chance to discover your true self and open up for more love, ecstasy, inner wisdom and Godliness.

This retreat for both beginners, as well as, advanced tantrikas.

„I feel fully complete and satisfied. Every session, meditation, exercise and technique was unique, original and individual..."

Become the sexi Goddess who is creating
her life according to herself.

Feel safe being held by accredited Tantra Essence teachers:

Amrita Hanna Slaninková

Tantra teacher, holistic therapist and healing channel. Amrita is deeply in love with Tantra as a Spiritual Path to Enlightenment. Her powerful energy, together with the ability to create sacred space leads the group into deep transformation.

Ma Prem Tanmaya

Her way of teaching is full of heart and an invitation to blossom into bliss, love and meditation. With her passion for Tantra she invites her students to let go and experience the magic that can happen when we embrace who we are meant to be.

Both teachers have many years of experience with tantra, meditations, self development, healing and energy work. They have done numerous intensive trainings to work with women, groups and individuals. They are highly qualified world-class Tantra teachers.

"Experiencing a workshop with Tanmaya and Amrita is a break-through life experience. They create a very safe and beautiful space, where everyone can heal their own inner wounds, touch their inner essence and experience trust, love and opening."

Discover your radiant inner essence.

When and Where

lotus 3a4

Meditate in luxurious historical Château Voderady

  • Venue:  Château Voderady, Slovakia, (2 hours drive from Vienna)
  • GPS: N 48°16'36.7608" E 17° 33'28.5006"
  • Dates: 3.10. - 8.10.2023
  • Registration is on Tuesday between 17:00 - 18:00
  • Workshop starts on Tuesday at 18:00 and finishes on Sunday at 17:00
  • The program is every day from 7:30 - 22:30
  • Teachers: Amrita and Tanmaya
  • Language: Slovak with translation into English

Prices and booking

lotus 3a4

Your investment

tuition, accommodation and food

1.475,- € 

Discounted price:

1.025,- € 


260,- €

Booking finishes in:

Your place will be fully booked after receiving the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to a different workshop.

Last minute discount: -50,- €. Use code: SECRET

lotus 3a4

Price includes:

6 days of mindblowing transformational journey

5 nights in luxurious Chateau Voderady

3x daily delicious vegetarian food for the whole stay plus healthy cake for tea time

For inquiries about accommodation
and food preferences please contact:
Katka Štěpánková 
tel.: 00421 903 608 455

„I have attended many workshops, but these held by you Goddesses, are the best ones I have ever experienced. They are high quality, with amazing surroundings, energies and program. I am looking forward to your next workshops because the two that I have done, have made a big shift for me. I will recommend you everywhere I go. I love you.“

Places are quickly getting sold
so don't hesitate

Imagine how it would be to:

  • Go through a deep personal transformation on all levels.
  • Activate your full potential and discover your inner radiance.
  • Embrace and celebrate all aspects of yourself.
  • Use all that you are as a portal to your divinity.
  • Activate your inner wisdom and healing abilities.
  • Shift from doubts and frustration to understanding the bigger picture.
  • Get clarity and perspective

Connect with your Soul

  • Switch off from your daily life duties to nourish your Soul.
  • Experience a unique program of channelled techniques which will catapult you into a state of divine bliss.
  • You will be supported by world class teachers and a qualified team of assistants.
  • Enjoy six days of bliss in an oasis of historical Chateau Voderady.
  • Detox your body with delicious vegetarian food.
  • Learn simple techniques, which you can practice at home, to return to your centre anytime you need.
  • Meet and connect with conscious women who are on the same vawe length.
  • We are looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

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