Tap into your inner wisdom and unlock your divine essence. 

Tantra for men and women.

Tantra for women.

Tantra for men and women, singles and couples.

What if there was a special place inside you...

A hidden treasure of gifts.

A sacred space of vast orgasmic energy of love, abundance and wisdom.

What if.. your whole life was about finding this place?

Discover your sacred essence

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient secret teaching more than 5.000 years old. Through specific meditations and practices it helps you to improve all areas of your life, live more fully and realize your divinity.

Tantra says yes to life and to all that life represents. Including sexuality, emotions, love, relationships, creativity, intuition, senses, spirituality and consciousness.

Tantra uses our life force energy to access higher states of consciousness and realization of self as a divine human being - which is the ultimate freedom. It has the ability to transform past hurts and pains into joy & bliss.

It is coming back home - to wholeness and re-connection to all that is. Tantra is a method, a spiritual practice to enlightenment. It is an art, a science and a way of living.

Chakra system

The backbone of Tantra is chakra system of 7 energy centers in the body. Chakras are energetical vortexes that are teaching us specific life lessons. Opening the whole chakra system, our kundalini energy awakens and we are opening to our fullest potential and divinity. 

First 6 chakras have opposite polarity in female and male body. The good news is, that it is enough to open your positive chakras and others will automatically follow. For women it is the 2nd, 4th and 6th chakra, 7th chakra is beyond duality.

That is a reason why our seminars for women are devoted to these centers.

Experience ancient meditations

What is the content of these workshops?

Forget boring mental techniques. On these seminars we move together into a juicy and deep transformational process through ancient meditations, intuitive dance, sacred rituals, emotional release, massages,  channeling, sacred geometry, breathing exercises and techniques to activate your chakras and unlock your body energy. 

These meditations were channeled by Tantra master Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.

Through these workshops you will have a chance to discover your true self and open up to more love, ecstasy, inner wisdom and Godliness.

This transformation deeply anchors in your being so then you can live it and share it with others in your daily life.

Feel safe being held by accredited Tantra-Essence teachers:

Amrita Hanna Slaninková

Tantra teacher, holistic therapist and healing channel. Amrita is deeply in love with Tantra as a Spiritual Path to Enlightenment. She is fascinated by its transformational power to unlock your full potential and bring you back to love and connection within few moments. Her powerful energy, together with the ability to create sacred space leads the group into deep transformation.

Ma Prem Tanmaya

Her light and playful approach to teaching is balanced by her profound depth of experience in Meditation and personal development. With her deep passion for Tantra she invites her students to let go and experience the magic that can happen when we embrace who we are meant to be and open up to meditation and healing.

Damir Maux

Tantric teacher and co-founder of the community and Retreat Center in Switzerland. His teaching is anchored in deep personal experience through Tantric, Tao and Sufi methods. His heart opened and blossomed through the practice of tantric meditation, through which he discovered inner peace and the awakening of his inner fire. His teaching style reflects an approach centered on dedication and the heart.

All teachers have many years of experience with tantra, meditations, self development, healing and energy work. They have done numerous intensive trainings to work with women, men, couples, groups and individuals. They are highly qualified Tantra teachers.

Choose the right workshop for you and unlock your full potential

Calendar of events

Each workshop can be attended as a standing alone workshop. You can attend these workshops in any order and you don't have to participate  in all of them.


Goddess Essence 3 + 4: Intuition and Female Spirituality

26.5. - 28.5.2023, Chateau Voderady, Slovakia
Tantra for women - 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra. Open yourself to a higher truth and become a wise woman again. The one who knows, the one who heals, the one who walks in harmony with her Soul.

Master Lover

23.11. - 26.11.2023, Chateau Voderady, Slovakia
Tantra for men and women, for couples and singles. Learn the art of sacred love making and bring more love, intimacy and Soul connection into your life.

Tantra for men and women.

Tantra for women.

Tantra for men and women, singles and couples.

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