Tantra Journey Through Chakras
Workshop for men and women, for couples and singles

5th Chakra - the Throat

6.6.-9.6.2024, Château Voderady, Teachers: Amrita and Dhyan Yogi

Connect with your inner truth and start creating your life according to your Soul calling.

  • Do you have the feeling that you don't live your life the way you would like to?
  • Are you living up to the expectations of others and your dreams are pushed to the side?
  • Do you work to earn money but you don't find fulfillment in your job?  
  • Do you know that there is more in you, but something prevents you from fully expressing and manifesting your desires?
  • Do you feel that your desires are unattainable or beyond your power?
  • Is it hard for you to express your truth and sometimes you prefer to keep silent or you just agree with others?
  • Do you sometimes feel invisible, your voice seems to have no power and are you  ignored at times?
  • Or are you simply on your path of self-development and searching for high quality workshops for unlocking your chakras?

There is a solution to this.

Imagine how it would be to:

  • Experience a deep restart, unblock and heal on all levels o your being, so you can connect with your authentic inner truth.
  • Align with your life purpose and express it creatively your way, more with ease and joy.
  • Reclaim the strength and courage to go after what is truly yours and create your reality from youu Soul level. Whether it's about your work, relationships, health or time for yourself.

  • Boost your energy, inspiration and creativity.
  • Learn how to manifest the things you thought were not possible for you.
  • Easily and confidently communicate your truth - your desires and boundaries.

How would your life change?

Join this transformational retreat with sacred techniques and experience a break-through in your life.

„Thank you for this possibility of re-connection with my true authentic core. All that nourishment, love, safety, home, freedom, playfulness, joy, healing, magic and opening to life. I have received everything that I was recently feeling the need to integrate into my life during this weekend. “

5th Chakra
Communication, Truth and Creation

This retreat will help you to:

  • Unblock and activate your throat chakra which helps you to connect with your deepest truth and open up to your full self-expression.
  • Tap into your Soul purpose and awaken your creativity and inspiration.
  • Uncover your inner life values and learn how to manifest them.
  • Gain clarity about who you are, what you want, where are you going and what is your next step.
  • Heal your relationship with strong male authority, that may be overriding you sometimes.
  • Release false beliefs about what you should and shouldn't do and start living according to your truth.
  • Clear the fear of expressing yourself and follow what is your true path.

You will learn:

  • The principles of great law of attraction, how it works and how you can attract into your life whatever you desire.
  • How to create a life according to your desires in alignment with your Soul.
  • How to magnetically attract your desires with ease, without pushing and sweating blood.
  • How to open up to creativity and palyful expression of self with your creations.
  • To improve communication with others.
  • To open up to inspiration and manifestation.
"It was an amazing experience in expanding my knowledge of tantra and opening myself to new ways of improving my life. Amrita and her team created a safe, healthy space and dynamic in the group, which allows you to go on an inner journey of self-knowledge and expansion of your perception of joy."
Gabriel, Spainparticipant

Experience ancient meditations

Content of the retreat

Forget boring mental techniques. On the retreat we move together into a deep transformational process through ancient tantra techniques. A full on program awaits you.

  • Ancient meditations - silent and active

  • Spontaneous dance
  • Breathing exercises
  • Somatic techniques and emotional release
  • Sacred geometry
  • Osho mediatations
  • Sacred rituals
  • Deep sharings
  • Activation massage of the 5th chakra
  • Expanding self-confidence and self-expression

  • Connecting with your true inner yes and no
  • Strengthening your authentic boundaries and expressing your desires
  • The power of truth: healing negative unexpressed issues
  • Freedom from blocks and limits received from others
  • Activating your truth through the authentic sound of your essence
  • The Spiral of Life Ritual: Integrating life's lessons and moving to a new level of consciousness.
  • Your Soul's values test
  • The Universal Law of Attraction and creating reality from your Soul level
  • Anchoring your dream reality through Nataraj dance
  • Women: Deep Taoist Yoni Healing using sound
  • Men: Deep Archetypal Healing of the sacred masculinity.
  • Mega party of the male and female principles.

These meditations were channelled by tantra master Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.

The whole process is safe, beautiful and playful. Through this training you have a chance to discover your true self and open up for more love, ecstasy, inner wisdom and Godliness.

The retreat is for beginners as well as mega advanced tantricas. 

„I feel fully complete and satisfied. Every session, meditation, exercise and technique was unique, original and individual..."

Feel safe being held by accredited Tantra Essence teachers:

Amrita Hanna Slaninková

Tantra teacher, holistic therapist and healing channel. Amrita is deeply in love with Tantra as a Spiritual Path to Enlightenment. She is fascinated by its transformational power to unlock your full potential and bring you back to love and connection. Her powerful energy, together with the ability to create sacred space leads the group into deep transformation.

dhyan profil purple

Dhyan Yogi

Modern tantric master, shaman and sexological bodyworker. He comes from Italy, where he founded the ConsciousLand meditation center and leads groups in Europe and Asia. He is dedicated to spreading love, joy and awareness. It connects tantra and shamanism. By combining humanity, nature and spirit in himself, he integrates all aspects of life from grounded sexuality to deep spirituality in his teaching.

Both teachers have many years of experience with tantra, meditations, self-development, healing and energy work. They have done numerous intensive trainings to work with groups and individuals. They are highly qualified Tantra teachers.

"I appreciate the highly empathetic and professional approach of the lecturers and the entire organizational team."
"The lecturers are the absolute best!!! The approach is perfect."

When and where

Meditate in the luxury of the historic Château Voderady

  • Venue:  Château Voderady, Slovakia, (2 hours drive from Vienna)
    GPS: N 48°16'36.7608" E 17° 33'28.5006"
  • Dates: 6.6 - 9.6.2024
  • Registration is on Thursday from 5pm-6pm.
  • Workshop starts at 6pm on Thursday, ending on Sunday at 5pm.
  • Every day program starts from 8am till 10:30pm, with breaks.
  • Teachers: Amrita and Dhayan Yogi
  • Languages: Slovak and English

Prices and booking

Price on the spot:

790 €

Your Early Bird price now:

595 €

The price includes:

course fees, accommodation and food

4 days of a pumped-up transformation program

3 nights in the luxurious Château Voderady

3x a day delicious vegetarian meals for the entire stay + a healthy cookie for tea time

For questions about accommodation and food
please contact the organizer:

Darinka Vallová 
tel.: 00421 915 381 383

The discounted price ends at:

"I've been through many retreats, but the ones you do are the best I've experienced. High level, amazing environment, energy, program. I'm looking forward to your next work - retreats, because I've progressed a lot in the two that I've taken. I will recommend you everywhere I go.'

Places at the retreat are quickly getting full, so don't hesitate

This retreat will help you to:

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs.
  • Go through deep personal transformation.
  • Use the power of truth as a portal to discovering your divinity.
  • Open up to your soul's purpose, inspiration and creativity.

Enjoy a few days just for yourself

  • Switch off from your daily life duties and enjoy four days of bliss in an oasis of luxury and peace at Château Voderady.
  • Experience a unique program of channelled techniques which will catapult you into a state of divine bliss.
  • You will be supported by world class teachers and qualified team of assistants.
  • Learn practical methods, which you can do at home, to return to your centre and creative flow anytime you need.
  • Detox your body with delicious vegetarian food.
  • Meet and connect with conscious people who are on the same vibration.

Yes, this is exactly what I need!

Booking with Deposit

5th Chakra 6.6.-9.6.2024, Château Voderady

Please fill out this form. After sending, you will receive information about the course by email. Your place will be fully reserved after the payment of the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. The balance for the retreat is paid on the spot.

5th Chakra 6.6.-9.6.2024, Château Voderady

Please fill out this form. After sending, you will receive information about the course by email. Your place will be fully reserved after the payment of the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. The balance for the retreat is paid on the spot.

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