Tantra - Goddess Essence:
Women’s Training for the New Dawn

Sexual and Emotional


Château Voderady, Slovakia: 5.7.-7.7.2019; Teachers: Amrita and Tanmaya

Do you have low energy and feel overwhelmed by your daily duties?

  • You can't orgasm or sex is less than amazing?
  • Do you have painful or irregular menstruation?
  • Have you had a difficult time giving birth or an unpleasant sexual experience that has blocked your body and left you feeling numb?
  • Are you missing juice and spark in your life?

There is a solution to this.


  • Being full of energy, passionate creativity and shining with happiness.
  • Being authentic, sexy and spontaneous.
  • Experiencing divine, ecstatic love making full of cosmic orgasms.
  • Knowing how to express your emotions in a healthy way.
  • Perceiving your cycle as a source of support and not as something that is hindering you.
  • Feeling alive and back to yourself.

Join this transformational seminar with sacred techniques and experience break-through in your life.

„It was very good. Lots of joy and practical methods to use at home. Incredible, deep experiences and insights into my psyche and sexuality. Deep beautiful connections to other women. I am growing in my self confidence and love. I know my body better. Emotional wounds could heal.“

Silvie, Austriaparticipant

Womb Centre and Yoni - 2nd Chakra 

This seminar will help you to:

  • Heal your sex center from negative experiences and outside energies.
  • Harmonize your menstrual cycle.
  • Throw away fears, so you can live your live fully.
  • Rewrite the blueprint of your birth and release the shock and trauma it has caused to you.
  • Discover your body as a sacred temple and clear limiting blocks for more intimacy and love.
Amrita - seminar

You will learn:

  • Keys to sacred sexuality and an energetic full body orgasm.
  • How to open up your emotions for a fulfilling life.
  • About ecstatic birth and how to give birth to your new self.
  • Awaken your life force sexual kundalini energy and learn how to use it for vitality, health, youthfulness and spirituality.

„Fabulous and freeing rediscovery of my femininity, sexuality and self. I have realized that I am the universe and the universe is me. There is nothing outside of it. Only now I am able to allow and embrace qualities of my life fully! I honor, enjoy and sense my sexuality. I feel fully nourished as if the air, the prana was running through my whole body.“


Experience ancient meditations


Content of the seminar

Forget boring mental techniques. On the seminar we move together into a deep transformational process through ancient meditations, intuitive dance, sharing, massages, emotional release, sacred rituals, breathing exercises and techniques to activate your chakras and unblock energy. 

These meditations were channeled by tantra master Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.

The whole process is safe, beautiful and playful. Through this training you have a chance to discover your true self and open up for more love, ecstasy, inner wisdom and Godliness.

„I feel fully complete and satisfied. Every session, meditation, exercise and technique was unique, original and individual..."


Feel safe being held by accredited Tantra Essence teachers:

Amrita Hanna Slaninková

Tantra teacher, holistic therapist and healing channel. Amrita is deeply in love with Tantra as a Spiritual Path to Enlightenment. She is fascinated by its transformational power to unlock your full potential and bring you back to love and connection within few moments. Her powerful energy, together with the ability to create sacred space leads the group into deep transformation.

Ma Prem Tanmaya

Her light and playful approach to teaching is balanced by her profound depth of experience in Meditation and personal development. With her deep passion for Tantra she invites her students to let go and experience the magic that can happen when we embrace who we are meant to be and open up to meditation and healing. 

Both teachers have many years of experience with tantra, meditations, self development, healing and energy work. They have done numerous intensive trainings to work with women, groups and individuals. They are highly qualified Tantra teachers.

"Experiencing the seminar with Tanmaya and Amrita is a break-through life experience. They create a very safe and beautiful space, where everyone can heal their own inner wounds, touch their inner essence and experience trust, love and opening."


When and where


Meditate in astonishingly beautiful Château Voderady

  • Venue:  Château Voderady, Slovakia, (2 hours drive from Vienna)
  • GPS: N 48°16'36.7608" E 17° 33'28.5006"
  • Dates: 5.7.-7.7.2019
  • Registration is on Friday at 8:00 - 9:00
  • Workshop starts on Friday at 10:00 and finishes on Sunday at 17:00
  • The program is every day from 7:30 - 22:30
  • Teachers: Amrita and Tanmaya
  • Language: Slovak with translation into English

Prices and booking


290,- €


Discounted price:

259,- €


119,- €

Discounted price finishes in:

Your place will be fully booked after receiving the payment. The deposit is non-refundable.

Detoxification food: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Delicious vegan (no meat, no diary) gluten free food. Bonus is a healthy cake during tea time ;) No sugar, coffee, drugs or alcohol during the whole group.

Accommodation: dormitory 4-8 people with shared bathrooms. Bed linen is provided. Just bring your own towel.

Accommodation and food

Option A: 122,- €

arrival on Thursday evening with dinner at 19:00

Option B: 98,- €

arrival on Friday morning with breakfast

This is to be paid in cash upon your arrival.

Any inquiries about accommodation and food please contact: Surya Katka Štěpánková, katkastep5@gmail.com, tel.: 00421 903 608 455

„I have attended many seminars, but these held by you Goddesses, are the best ones I have ever experienced. They are high quality, with amazing surroundings, energies and program. I am looking forward to your next workshops because the two that I have done, have made a big shift for me. I will recommend you everywhere I go. I love you.“


Places on this workshop are quickly getting full

This seminar will help you to:

  • Go through deep personal transformation.
  • Experience restart in your life on all levels.
  • Shift from mundane reality to bliss and ecstasy.
  • Awaken your aliveness, wildness and spontaneity.
  • Use your sexual energy as a portal to discovering your divinity.

Enjoy a few days just for yourself.

  • Switch off from your daily life duties.
  • Enjoy three days of bliss in an oasis of serenity and peace at Château Voderady.
  • Experience a unique program of channeled techniques which will catapult you into a state of divine bliss.
  • You will be supported by world class teachers and qualified team of assistants.
  • Learn practical meditations, which you can do at home, to return to your center anytime you need.
  • Detox your body with delicious vegan gluten free meals.
  • Meet and connect with conscious women who are on the same vibration.

"This seminar helped me to express my emotions, embrace myself and to find out how amazing actually I am. I have understood that it is important to give attention to my body and to what is happening in it. It is beautiful to be a woman."


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