Tantra Products

Support your meditation and healing practice with the power of Tachyon.
Get relief from physical pain, emotional baggage and connect with your divine essence. 

All the products are certified originals from ATTI.

Medium Yoni Egg.
Perfect size.
Upgrade Your Jade Egg!

Tachyon Yoni Eggs (43mm x 30mm), THE best and safest, give off a 30 foot / 9m Tachyonized energy field so powerful you experience ecstatic orgasms, extreme sexual pleasure, and heal sexual trauma.

Price: 134,- €

Large Yoni Egg.
Perfect for Post-Childbirth

Tachyon Yoni Eggs (50mm x 35mm), THE best and safest, give off a 30 foot / 9m Tachyonized energy field so powerful you experience ecstatic orgasms, extreme sexual pleasure, and heal sexual trauma.

Price: 147,- €

Tantra Pleasure Wand

The Tachyonized Tantra Pleasure Wand is simply a girl's best friend, helping us achieve healing and ecstasy beyond whatever we dreamed was possible.

Price: 255,- €

PINK G-Spot Delight Pleasure Wand

Tachyonized Pleasure Wand for the yoni is a Tachyon sacred tantra product. Activate the G-spot. Experience ecstatic orgasms and heightened sexual and sensual pleasure. 

Price: 255,- €

Root Chakra Plug - Kundalini Activation
(for men and women)

This sacred Tachyonized Tachyon tantra product stimulates the rosetta (anus), the perineum and prostate increasing orgasmic and sexual pleasure and opens you to deep sexual joy and healing.

Price: 160,- €

ULTRA-Spheres for Root Chakra, Set of 2 X 20mm  (for men and women)

They are to be used inside the anus, bringing about healing to this area and kundalini activation. They help release old trauma, trapped in the anus and to enhance your sexual pleasure and sensitivity. 

Price: 134,- €

Coconut Oil 16oz. / 480ml

Tachyonized Coconut oil is THE best massage oil and body lubricant for sensual massage of body, yoni, lingam. Perfect for tantra practices and rituals. It is also a healing super-food. 100% pure, natural, organic energy product. 

Price: 58,- €

Blindfold Brain Balancer

Harmonizes left and right brain hemisphere. Has 360° coverage. Relaxes stirred thoughts and brings relief from stress. Perfect for meditation, sleep or travel. It is adjustable, ultra soft and pleasant to the skin. Creates near total darkness. 

Price: 107,- €

Navel Opal
Healing Mother Issues & Self Love

This cell fits into the belly button and is great for balancing the Chi, aiding digestion and healing the belly area. Place the round side towards the body and tape it in place. For a long-term treatment wear it for 3 months.

Small 13mm, price: 20,- €
Large 15mm, price: 25,- €
Mega 24mm, price: 27,- €

Silica disc, single 4 inch/ 10cm

One side flow of energy. It is perfect for balancing the EMF from computers, laptops, tablets, TV, the main electric switch to the house, Wifi, charging and cleansing crystals, water... Can be used for body healing or meditation as well.


Price: 73,- €

ULTRA silica disc 4 inch/ 10cm

The energy flows from both sides. It heals the body and the auric field at the same time. When a massive flow of Tachyons in this Tachyonized ULTRA Silica Disk begin to collide, a new field of energy is created.


Price: 97,- €

Micro-disk, single 35mm

Great for cell phones for balancing the EMF and also for specific body areas that needs healing. Micro-Disks are extremely effective directional antennae for attracting energy to a specific area. Energy flows one side.


Price: 46,- €

Personal cocoon ULTRA

This is considered to be one of the most valuable Tachyon tools ever developed! The Ultra Cocoon surrounds you in a 3-dimensional, life-balancing sea of Tachyon. It includes meditation Ultra Eye mask, 4 Ultra discs and 2 Tachyonized Cocoon Strips. Comes in a portable bag. In 20min you will feel recharged and fully balanced.

Price: 970,- €

Pashmina scarf 180cm x 60cm

Perfect for evenings out or for sitting meditation, and an elegant choice to help balance your energy field. Colors:  purple and pink. Colors with logo: burgundy, camel and blue.

Price: 81,- €

Silk scarf 175cm x 55cm

This all new offering is a beautiful Tachyonized 100% Satin Silk Scarf. Our thickest, softest scarf ever. Colors: camel, pink, purple and blue. 

Price: 108,- €

What is Tachyon

Tachyon is where science and spirituality meet. Everything in the Universe is created from an energy field called "Zero Point Field" which in spiritual world is called "Brahma" or void. 

Tachyons are subatomic particles (faster than light) from the Zero Point Field that are called "Prana" in spiritual language.

Everything that is physical has a Subtle Organizing Energy Field SOEF ("prema" - love). This field is intelligent and it carries the original Divine Blueprint of how the physical should look like and function. A SOEF surrounds all cells, organs and the whole body. If this field has lack of Tachyon then the physical starts declining and breaking down or becoming ill. 

When we charge the SOEF with Tachyon, it starts transmitting instructions - special vibrations and frequencies so that the specific physical organ can start repairing itself to its highest possible potential. The body starts the healing process and the soul starts re-connecting with your divine core.

David Wagner invented a method how to create from any object an antenna for Tachyons. This object needs to be from a natural material. If this object is put into a special machine then after 14 days it becomes a permanent Tachyon antenna. 

It will never run down and it continues emitting a strong condensed flow of Tachyons.

They are energetically self cleaning. It is a constant flow of pure Source energy so there is no need to energetically clean these products. Gem stones need to be energetically cleaned to insure pure energy. Tachyonized products don't suck in the energy of the owner so they can be used by different people. For hygiene, they of course need to be physically cleaned or sterilized.

Warning! There are many false Tachyon producers so make sure to buy the original ones from the ATTI company with this logo.

How to order your Tachyons

Via e-mail at amrita@amrita.sk, or at 00421 903 797 188.

Amrita Hanna Slaninková

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Other Tachyons

If you are interested in a different Tachyon product that I don't have, then let me know and I will find out the price for you.