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Divine Healing 17 Chakras

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Summary of participant's experiences

Generally at the beginning of the healing people feel strong sensations in areas of the body that are weak or painful. After some time they experience relief and healing in those places. Later they reported feelings of bliss, love, acceptance and gratefulness. Sometimes people are so moved that they burst into tears or into innocent child-like laughter for no reason. Some people experience ecstatic or orgasmic states at times.

This information is here just to give you an idea what the healing may feel like and what are the possible benefits of it as reported by people who have experienced it.

Your experience may have been different and that is perfectly OK.  Each of us is unique and experience things in a specific way. So do not compare yourself.

The way you have experienced the healing is the correct way that was needed for your highest good at this time.

Few days after the healing...

This Chakra healing is a very deep therapy that heals all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. During next few days you can feel different because we have been reprogramming deeply seated patterns that were creating your reality.  What can happen is that old forgotten issues can bubble up that need more time for integration. It's OK. All of this is already cleared it is just leaving your system. Don't cling on it just watch it how it goes away. Allow yourself some time for integration. Be loving towards yourself maybe more relaxation and don't judge yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

I felt pressure, pain, prickling, stiffness...

This is a good sign. It means that the healing has cleared deep blocks. Imagine it as blocked tubes into which you run a stream of water. At first it creates a pressure that is building up and then suddenly: PAFF! The pressure is gone and the pain disappears. Then you can feel flow of energy again. If you didn't feel relief at the end, it means that the block in that place is bigger and your body needs more time to process it.

This is my advice: In the next healing stay present and just witness the pain or pressure. Do not judge it nor run away from it. Everything is fine. Give it your attention and connect with it. Breathe deeply into the place where you feel it the strongest. Deep and slow in-breath and out-breath. Give the pain or the pressure more space. Consciously go into the root of it. Breathe and dissolve it. It is a place in the body into which the light is trying to get. Allow it to happen.

I felt ecstatic almost like having an orgasm

Yes, when you meet yourself it is an orgasmic state. The whole universe is vibrating with orgasmic and ecstatic vibrations. But we have diverted from them. In the moment when we come back to our center, into contact with our soul, we experience again our natural state of bliss and orgasmic state.

This is my advice: Enjoy it! 😉

I didn't feel anything

In case you haven't felt anything , it is perfectly OK and normal. It doesn't mean that nothing has happened. You have received the benefit of the healing anyway. You can cultivate your sensitivity to feel energies by regular meditation or by regular participation at this Aura Healing. Several people have reported that on the second healing they could nicely feel the energies better. In my case it took me half a year before I started to feel something...

This is my advice: During the next healing drop into a state of surrender. You don't have to do anything, just receive. Simply relax and open up to receive these energies. Allow them to enter your body. Breathe deeply, open up, surrender and receive.

I have fallen asleep

This is completely alright. You are either very exhausted from your challenging life or your Higher Self decided that this healing would be best for you to experience it in a deep relaxation. Either way, you have received the healing in the best way for you at this time.

And maybe you feel that it was not just a regular sleep but a very very deep trance-like sleep that led into an amazing relaxation on a cellular level. And that is what you needed right now.

I didn't manage to lay down, I forgot

It is OK. You have received the healing anyway. You just did not have the same experience as if you would have lain down, giving it your full attention.

Every healing session is unique

It mirrors your current state. Your Higher Self gives you exactly what you need in that moment for your highest and best good.

So each time you can experience this healing in a different way. Sometimes you may need to experience euphoric state to realize the beauty of the being, at other times you may need to experience strong physical sensations to be sure that deep healing has happened. And sometimes you may fall asleep because you need a deep let go.

Do not compare yourself with others and do not expect to have the same experience in the next healing as you had before.

What to do during healing

No matter what is happening to you during the healing, stay as a neutral witness. Breathe deeply. Observe and witness it. Perceive and sense your body, feelings and emotions. Find out how that what is happening in your life is mirrored during the healing.

The path to the light goes through a deep acceptance of your shadows. Be kind to yourself.

Trust the healing process. Everything that is happening is happening for your highest good.

I feel I need more healing

This healing you have experienced is general and it is good to do it regularly. I offer it every 2 weeks.

But there are other options too, if you would like to dive deeper using this healing energies. 

1. Private healing session

  • The private session can help you to unhook yourself from unhealthy patterns, to clear emotional baggage, overcome obstacles and blocks in your life faster.

  • During the session you will have a chance to heal your own specific issues that are limiting you.

  • It can help you in any area of your life, may it be physical, emotional, spiritual, your work or purpose in life, abundance, partner issues or social life.

  • It clears Karmic issues, your past lives, ancestral lineage and changes neural pathways in your brain.

  • It is a 2 hour skype session. The price is 200,- € for the whole session.

  • For more information please contact me directly at: 

Thank you for working on yourself and thus helping to clear the collective consciousness.



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